Do Not Underestimate The Tragedy of Sensitive Skin

In a week that involved two lengthy presentations, the shittiest lit review I've ever written, a massive hangover, and a non-awesome doctor's appointment, the most devastating thing to happen to me this week is being told that I can no longer use my wonderful Rock Star soap. I have been itching incessantly for ages and it is almost surely the culprit.

I have to use CETAPHIL! Stupid boring non-pink non-awesome non-rock star Cetaphil. What the fucking fuck.


Politicking In Mah Blog

A choice (no pun intended) quote from the latest appointee to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court:

"It appears that there is widespread acceptance of the notion that a mother should have the right to control her body. There is no such right."
- Lawrence O'Neil, July 27, 1988 in the House of Commons.

Oh! Well, thanks for clearing that up. Douche.


Side Dishes

* Gordon's counterpart is now called Giles.

* Keith's Birthday/Beer Fest was a little underwhelming, but Thanksgiving weekend is glorious with the food. I am stuffed full.

* After some intense procrastination coupled with a three-day migraine, I found myself forced into the position of needing to start and complete three assignments in two days. Somehow I did it without any of them being late. *pride*

* Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in about a month and today all of my muscles are wailing in misery.

* My grandmother added me as a friend on Facebook.