I am SO BAD at updating about the minutiae of my life! Actually from most perspectives this is probably not a bad thing. But even so, I haven't used the knitwit tag since October. Thus, here are some things what I knit.

201/365: Broadstreet Hobo

Pattern: Broad Street Mittens by Janis Cortese, on Knitty | details on Ravelry

I knit these at the end of October and through to mid-November 2009. Originally they were supposed to be photographer mitts for me, but the palms turned out obscenely large so I skipped the convertible franken-mitt part and the manfriend got hobo gloves. I still have a full leftover skein of Phildar Phil Luxe because of this. This was my first time knitting gloves and, while a bit fiddly, I was pleased to find it none too difficult.


I am just tired of this lie

So I was minding my own business surfing my little internet and then I got smacked in the face with yet another Government of New Brunswick ad full of beautiful lies. (Aside: maybe they should work on demographic targeting a bit because, like, I already live here). I clicked through and predictably got annoyed with the same lie they keep telling me, that there have been key investments in post-secondary education, the economy and health care [that] are enhancing opportunities for everyone in New Brunswick.

They are:

  • Six-year freeze on community college tuition continuing through 2010-11 This does not apply to me (but I support it!)
  • Nearly 1,000 new spaces created at community colleges Does not apply.
  • Tuition for public university frozen for the third straight year Does not apply, but again, I certainly support it! I definitely wish tuition hadn't been raised every single one of the 7 years I attended post-secondary ed.
  • Student loan debt greater than $26,000 forgiven for eligible graduates I am not eligible.*
  • Up to $20,000 rebate on tuition costs available to graduates staying here to work In theory this applies to me, except the relevant lines do not appear on my assessment and so I need to stay here and work indefinitely until I start paying taxes, so that said taxes can be refunded to me...?

*This is the one that grates the most because it's trumpeted in giant letters, but "eligible graduates" are only new undergrads who completed in 4 years, and since 2009. So, a pretty small pool of candidates there, I should think. My 2008 graduate degree doesn't count even though just those two years cost me almost $21,000. I think I'm singlehandedly making New Brunswick the most indebted province.

So basically these "opportunities" haven't enhanced ANYTHING for me (unless I want to go back to school at community college, thus increasing my debt), plus it's been 14 months and I still don't have a doctor.




I am not sure how people do it, because the thought that my cat might be seriously ill sent me into near hysterics.

Fortunately, with a night's rest he seems to be okay.

Fortunately, with my new Joe Fresh dress (with pockets!) and my first CSA box on the way, I am feeling better, too.



The thing about tubing is that, it's basically the best thing ever. For the first few hours. But if you are to, say, go tubing for what is supposed to be three hours, but you are without a time piece, and the river happens to be shallow so you constantly get caught on the rocks and the wind is blowing hard in the opposite direction, and you get separated from all your friends, awesome tubing starts to become a watery hell. Especially when you finally get out of the water and discover that you've actually been in the water for 5 hours. And maybe you only reapplied your sunscreen twice in that time, thinking that once every hour was a good amount, except not, so now you're burnt all over your body?

So that was my Saturday. Tubing! Super awesome, until it's not.

Fortunately, a good barbecue cures many an ill. Steak. Bless.



So, Alberta! Photos will be on Flickr and Facebook as usual, but I could somewhat summarize with the following:

  • Blessedly uneventful plane travel.
  • Won the game of Catan we played during our 5 hour Toronto layover. Flabbergasted at size of Great Lakes. Aptly named.
  • In-flight entertainment including Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, Manufactured Landscapes.

  • Calgary!
  • Paige!
  • Hotel Arts
  • Cold and rain!
  • Beer, Beer, and more Beer!
  • Baby animals and the Calgary Zoo.
  • Animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Good food.
  • Ikea!
  • Flat packed goods and breakfast sausages!
  • Driving! The backseat of the Acura!
  • Banff, the Banff Springs Hotel, the Bow River Falls, Banff townsite, Canmore, Beer!
  • Bison! In my mouth!
  • Lethbridge.
  • Renting a huge Jeep for highway driving. So Albertan.
  • Flat flatness.
  • And then... Rocky Mountains!
  • Waterton Lakes National Park. Boat cruise to Goat Haunt, Montana. 4 of the 6 people on the boat were from New Brunswick.
  • Montana! Decently successful adjustment from home elevation of 66 ft to over 4000 ft. Novelty passport stamp.
  • The sun came out.
  • BBQ Albertan steak dinner with Paige's family. And Penelope.
  • Downtown branch of Lethbridge Public Library. Beautiful! It has a patio!
  • Driving. The front seat of the Passat!
  • Vulcan. More flat flatness. Gasoline Alley.
  • Questionable claims of fresh seafood from trunks on side of road.
  • Edmonton! Crowne Plaza!
  • Long, looooooooong days!
  • A used bookstore with an adorably mangey cat.
  • Canadian Library Association conference. Heartening!
  • Amanda! Jessica! Shannon! Braden! Erin! Sarah! So many friends.
  • Stanley Milner library and Shelley Milner Children's Library. Incredible.
  • Photoshoot with my photographer heroine omg I die.
  • Late crashing SIM Alumni reunion dinner.
  • Perogies in basement of Ukrainian Church.
  • Buying sensible shoes on Whyte Ave.
  • Outdoor farmer's market. Bought a vinyl bag with a camera on it.
  • Michael Geist.
  • Taking the bus.
  • West Edmonton Mall. Ensuing nervous breakdown. Overwhelmed by size and randomness of stuff within. Only bought things I could have bought at home.
  • Played with iPad. Niiiice.
  • Chinatown and my first Pho.
  • Last goodbye with Paige.
  • 4 am wake up call, and back to New Brunswick.
  • Almost everything went according to plan!